Straw Processing

Equipment for the processing of straw: Straw Processing Complex Equipment

The equipment for straw processing: a straw processing complex is designed for processing straw to pulp (semi-finished product) suitable for the preparation of slop feed, separately, with additives used (cornmeal), and as a fertilizer. By the proposed straw processing  technology,  with straw chopper involved, straw is pre-chopped to make  lengths of 20-40 mm and subsequent grinding is carried out in the reaction vessel of the straw processing equipment, with water  added (1/3 ratio). Feeding of raw material and water into the equipment reactor is performed by a screw pump, where the raw material is ground to fiberof size less than 100 microns, and as a result of cellular structure destruction the water -soluble substance such as starch, sugars and proteins are separated; they are classified as readily digestible feed and organic fertilizers.

Straw processing efficiency based on the proposed technology allows you to:
- 30-40% reduce the cost of different feed grains and mixed feed;
- 2-3 time reduce the cost of feed per 1 kg of weight gain;
- involve all vegetable waste in processing to make the slop feed and fertilizer;
- produce quality sloppy organic fertilizers well- mixable with the nitrogen-containing (nitrate, urea) additives introduced into the soil by spraying, which is economically advantageous.

The straw processing equipment should be operated in the environment protected from atmospheric precipitation (at temperature not lower than +5°C) with water and electricity supplies available. The energy consumption of the straw processing does not exceed 30-45 kW/h per ton. The performance of the proposed straw processing equipment is from 0.5 tons up to 5 tons per hour.
The basic straw processing equipment includes: a screw pump, a hydrochopper, a water tank, a slop feed tank, a reaction vessel, a feed and water disinfection plant,  feed conveyors, valves, weight equipment.

The straw processing line is designed and constructed in a modular fashion to a given performance, taking into account the range of products and raw materials, within 2-3 months "turnkey".
In case of your interest we can demonstrate the production processes for straw processing and samples of finished products in our company.