Multiple Purpose Extraction Complex Equipment (MPECE) 

1. Multiple purpose extraction complex equipment (MPECE) is designed for the extraction of vegetable and biological material using any of the extractants, including СО2 - mechanical grinding by "dry" ice;
- thermal stresses in the range from -78.9 °C; to above 31 °C;
- high intensity shear strains and centrifugal field dynamic pressure.

2.  MPECE equipment configuration, technical data.
      Multiple purpose extraction complex equipment includes the following units:

 2.1. an extractor of hydrodynamic type comprising:
- a closed- type reaction vessel with feed pipe-lines for : СО2 - "dry" ice, feedstock, branch pipe for solvent cake and finished products, i.e. extract, unloading;
- a rotating rotor;
- an  automatic solvent cake unloading system;
- a geared motor with the function of frequency conversion;
- a control panel;
- a platform as a base frame (total area is 1.75 м2, height: up to 1.5 m)
- operation: periodic;
- loading of raw materials into the extractor:  30L
- duration of extraction, grinding, unloading: 1.0 hour
- processing area, minimum: 30 м2,
- electric power: 18.5 kW.

2.2. Carbon dioxide liquefaction (recovery) unit is designed for dry ice production, purification of feeding carbon dioxide, recovery of the treated extract (closed loop).
The liquefied carbon dioxide gas is filled into bottles of 40 ÷ 50 liters, or via an intermediate vessel into the reactor directly. The unit is provided with gas adsorption treatment.
The equipment supply includes: a condensing unit, heat insulated pipes (Ø 25 5 m long, Ø 16 5 m - 2 pcs.), a control cable of 10-m length - 2 pieces, a container (СО2 Specifications:
- power consumption, kW: 24; Voltage, V: 3x380; current, A: 63.0
- dimensions: 1200x1911x1600; weight, kg: 1024
- fluid in the cooling system:  Freon (R404A)
- oil: Castrol.

2.3. Gas (carbon dioxide) cylinder
Carbon dioxide cylinders with a capacity of 40 liters, in the quantity of 5 pieces, are made of 30KhGSA steel; Carbon Dioxide Cylinder Specifications: cylinder diameter is 219 mm; capacity is 40 liters; height is 1755 mm; cylinder weight is 93 kg; Gas content is 25 kg; the working pressure is19.6 MPa.
The process of extraction using СО2 extracting agent is as follows:
Via an ejector device feedstock using kinetic energy of "dry" ice feeding is transported directly into the spinning rotor in the reaction vessel. With this feeding method the raw material is subjected to mechanical stress from the "dry" ice and the rotating rotor. Along with the grinding of raw materials it is cooled to
-80°C and heated to + 31°C and higher. Affected by pressure and heat generated by the centrifugal field solid carbon dioxide changes into the liquid phase where extractives are solved. Extract- saturated liquid СО2

3. The overall layout of the equipment and process flow diagram.

The process equipment: the extractor, the unit for the recovery of waste carbon dioxide, gas (СО2 Cylinders are stored outside the building. The building should be provided with a room for the storage of cylinders for operating purposes.
One operator only is required for MPECE equipment service.

Dia. 1 – MPECE Equipment Process Flow Sheet
MPECE Equipment Process Flow Sheet

MPECE Core Process Equipment is shown in Figs.2-4

 Fig. 2 – Extractor

Fig. 3 – Container for   СО2
  Container for   СО<sub>2</sub - extract
Fig. 4 – Waste  СО2
Waste  СО<sub>2</sub  Recuperator– Dry Ice Generator