High water wells (HWW) is a means for restoring the water levels in the well.
It helps eliminate the following problems with water:
- The lack of water in the well
- Small well yield
- Cleaning of silt-covered well

The lack of water in the well
is resulted from siltation of water in the bottom, improper installation of the filter and a long service life. The restoration of the well yield is easily achieved by dissolving in it a unique alkaline-acid composition (High Water Wells - HWW) in an amount approximately equal to the volume of water. Subsequent water recycling  based on "from the well to the well"  principle within 6 hours will "strike off" silt from the surface of the water filter and  also form a huge number of capillary systems in the rocks covered the walls of the well : limestone, carbonate, silica, etc.
The composition of the product to the raise the water level in the well

Alkaline-acid composition of (High Water Wells - HWW) product is made as "dry" granules for better use. When pumping water from the well the rocks and silt dissolution products should be used as a liquid fertilizer. Water pumping in the well after the recovery should be performed for 72 hours minimum.

Keep (High Water Wells - HWW) out of reach of children and animals, in the dry air. It is recommended to wear rubber gloves when using the HWW Product. In case of contact with skin or eyes rinse with water; if swallowed neutralize in the stomach with water until vomiting and seek medical advice.

TU 2387-024-0049171-01, hazard class - IX. Shelf life of (High Water Wells - HWW) product is not limited.