Grain Processing

Equipment for Grain Processing: Grain Processing Complex

We offer technology and equipment for grain processing for the maximum possible extraction of starch from malt and grain during grinding. Grain processing by milling takes place in the presence of water without heating.
Extraction of starch and its saccharification(with the addition of enzymes) is achieved by milling fineness which is comparable with the size of the starch grains (less than 0.1 mm). High degree of malt milling fineness is due to mechanical and hydrodynamic forces existing in the reactor and repeatedpulp passing through it. The pulp of the desired fineness is separated in a hydrodynamic separator, while the remaining coarse  pulp returns into  the reactor again, thereby ensuring the selection of any faction in the process of grain milling. For example, during the fragmentation of malt for beer, grain awns remain intact, and the suspension itself is perfectly homogeneous. The required ratio of water to grains (malt) in the pulp is maintained manually or automatically. Mixing (soaking) of grain is performed in the reactor by its injection into the pulp, without using the conveying device. Separation and removal of the finished pulp for cooking wortpreparation is performed in the discharge mode without contact with air, without sticking on the surfaces of the equipment and piping.  The ozone-ultraviolet water treatment plant supplied with the proposed equipment for grain processing allows bactericidal treatment of raw materials and the equipment.

The Grain Processing Technology

The advantages of "heatless" grain processing technology with maximum possible starch extraction and saccharification are as follows:
 a significant reduction of energy consumption - 5 or more times;
 highly processed raw material - 99.8 % and alcohol yield increase of 10-15 %;
 an ideal arrangement of equipment in an existing flowsheet and space.

The equipment for grain processing are manufactured meeting the efficiency required for you, and energy density does not exceed 0.5 KW/m3 feedstock.
The approximate cost of the equipment for grain processing complex (the list is based on requirements specifications) with a capacity of 5 tons / hour - 2.5 million rubles; manucfacturing period up to 90 days;work start-up work and training.
We invite you to see demonstration testing of the equipment for processing grain in our company.

Awns (shell) after grain millingingrain processing

переработка зерна, оборудование для переработки зерна

The separated milled grain residue ingrain processing

оборудование для переработки зерна, переработка зерна, технология переработки зерна