"Absolute" Multi-Purpose Complex Water Treatment System

"Absolute" - a multi-purpose and multi-functional water treatment complex (the CWT), is available for domestic use ( houses, apartments) , and industrial customers and it includes: a sorption filter for cleaning from sand, clay and suspended substances, with integrated DC power supply to make  materials of the filter sorptive; the ultraviolet-ozone water treatment BT - W, including an ejector device for active oxygen saturation of water .

 "Absolute" CWT is designed:

For  removal of water hardness; for removal of iron , manganese , aluminum, heavy metal ions, solids (sand, clay), petroleum products and suspended substances, as well as for oxidation of metals , decomposition ( degradation) of organic substances into carbon dioxide and water, the destruction of the bacterial flora odors and for active saturation .

The unique feature of "Absolute" CWT is an unlimited operation resource due to filter material purging combined with its high abrasion resistance, mechanical strength, surface area and adsorption activity. The operation of the sorption filter requires, depending on the degree of contamination of the sludge to wash the pollutants once every week or constantly in the amount of not more than 0.1 ÷ 0.3% of the performance of the «Absolute" System efficiency.

 Water oxygen generation by the BT - W makes it fresh and demanded, completely free from  water pollutants.

Compactness  and low consumption of materials enables installing the complex water treatment  system directly on  the water supply pipe " under the sink ", in the pumping station and  downhole pump.

Power consumption of the "Absolute" BT-W is less than 50 W/m3 ÷ 400Vt/m3 of the water treated, sorption filter lifetime is 10 years minimum, that of the UV radiation source for BT-W:  9000 hours.

The operation of the "Absolute" BT-W does not require any consumable or parts replacement, except the UV radiation source.