From the Experience of “Tamir " Product Application for Sewage Wastewater Treatment

NG Shtukarin, Ph.D., LLC "Ekotehnica-M", Krasnoyarsk

The existing methods for biological treatment of waste water in most cases do not meet the environmental regulations; they are expensive and require improvement.
In a small town of Kemerovo Region the "Tamir” Microbiological Product testing was conducted for sewage waste water treatment plants. At the biological wastewater treatment plant of 15000m3/day capacity samples were taken from the sand trap and sludge concentrators. The purpose of the test was to determine a possibility of wastewater treatment using "Tamir" Product and to establish the optimum concentration of the Product. The following parameters were determined: the odor and the amount of clarified wastewater (Wclarified).

 The following was prepared for testing:
            - reference samples;
            - samples of wastewater with the “Tamir” Product added in the ratio (99:1);
            - samples of wastewater with the “Tamir” Product added the ratio (90:10).

During the testing all the water samples were in contact with ambient air, non- agitated, at constant temperature for 12 days. Readings were registered every 24 hours.

           The results of testing were as follows:
            1. the addition of “Tamir" Product started up the waste water clarification process two days earlier as compared with the reference samples.
            2. In the samples with "Tamir" Product added the odor was gone in less than a day.
            3. The maximum amount of clarified water (Wclarified) was obtained in the samples with 90:10 ratios of waste water and "Tamir" Product. This amount was the same for the samples taken from the sand traps and sludge concentrators.
            4. 90:10 ratio of wastewater and "Tamir" Product provided 30% clarification and purification of the waste water. Clarification process lasted three days longer than on other samples.
            5. The increase in the volume of treated water in time was of parabolic pattern corresponding to the geometric progression process of “Tamir" microorganisms reproduction.
The preliminary results of “Tamir" Product testing for biological wastewater treatment technology have proven  its application perspectiveness  for  modernization of existing sewage treatment plants as well as for construction of new ones .