Descaler has a unique composition: acid and alkali in dry form defines secure application in combination with the absolute efficiency of carbonate and oxide deposits dissolution with acid, followed by protection (passivation) of the heating surface against scaling.
After descaling dissolved acid deposition is easily washed with water and is neutral to the materials of the heater and can be used as a liquid fertilizer.
The alkali forms metal oxide protective layers on the heating surface resisting the subsequent scale formation.

A liquid CD product application is easy: the granules are dissolved in warm water at room temperature (20 °) with stirring, in 1:1 ratio (one volume of water plus one volume of CD). The required amount of cleaning and descaling solution for the heater corresponds to the volume by 90%. The CD Descaling Solution filled into the heating device is heated to 70-80 ° C (the temperature of hand burn) and decanted in three (3) hours minimum. The weak ammonia odor accompanying the descaling process should not cause concern.

Keep out of the reach of children and animals in the dry air. It is recommended to wear rubber gloves when using CD Descaler. In case of contact with skin or eyes rinse with water; if swallowed neutralize in the stomach with water until vomiting and seek medical advice.
TU 2387-024-0049171-01, hazard class - IX. Shelf life of the product - is not limited.