Cellulose Wool Production

Equipment for the Production of Cellulose Wool - Cellulose Wool Production Complex

The equipment for the production of cellulose wool–the complex is designed for wood processing (chips) into the pulp (semi-finished product) suitablefor the fabrication of heat-insulating material, such as "cellulose wool" using flame retardant and antiseptic additives. According to the proposed cellulose wool production technology - processing - chips are crushed in a reactor (digester) in water (1:10 ratio). Raw material and water are fed into the digester by means of a screw pump, where the raw material is defiberized with simultaneous aforementioned additives impregnated.

Further the impregnated fibers are dehydrated and dried and then packed in sacks.
Theequipmentfortheproductionofcellulosewool should be operated in the surrounding protected from atmospheric precipitation at a temperature above +5 ° C and provided with water and electricity supplies. Power consumption of  wood processing into Cellulose Wool does not exceed 300 kW / h per 1 ton.  Production efficiency of the proposed cellulose wool productioncomplex equipment is from 0.5 tons per hour, the approximate cost for theefficiency specified is from 6.5 million rubles and higher.

  List of Equipment for the Production of Cellulose Wool
The standard equipment complex  for cellulose wool production: a screw pump,  a hydropulper,  a fiber separator, vessels and packaging equipment , a reactor , fittings , a  fibers drier. The equipment system does not includea log chipper and a conveyor: they are suppliedseparately depending on the wood characteristics.

The cellulose wool production complex equipmentisdesigned and madein a modular pattern to a given production efficiency within 3-4 months based on «turnkey"principle.
In case you are interested in the above we can demonstratethe cellulose wool production processes, as well as samples of finished cellulose wool, in our company.