The functions of the equipment for ozone-ultraviolet water treatment:

-The bactericidal treatment of water,
bacteria destruction;

- Disinfection of water;

- Ultraviolet water treatment;

- Ozone water treatment.

In the bactericidal treatment water is simultaneously exposed to ultraviolet (UV) irradiation and ozone formed by the reaction of photopolymerization of the UV atmospheric oxygen. The concentration of ozone of  the bactericidal water treatment does not exceed the maximum permissible for air - 1 mg/m3 and is a fraction of an oxygen percent  in the air (22 - 21%), with negligible energy consumption, i.e. less than 1 W per 1 m3 of ozone-air mixture.
The high ozone (O3) reactivity which is 60 times higher than chlorine oxidizing capability increases tens of millions times when exposed to the catalytic action of UV radiation.
With bactericidal water treatment exposed to ozone-ultraviolet,  industrial and naturally occurring organic substances present in the water,
- nitrites, cyanides, pesticides, humic acid and  coloring flavonoids are decomposed (degrade) into carbon dioxide and water, giving transparency and "the blue" colors;
- heavy metals ions (iron, manganese, etc.) are oxidized into  water-insoluble hydroxides;
- specific odors (hydrogen sulphide, ammonia) vanish as a result of oxidation and ozone mixture displacement.
Intensive agitation of   ozone mixture with water in theBT-W   leads to the formation of high-expansion foam, its large surface being contacted with UV radiation, thereby providing favorable conditions for oxidation reactions, degradation and, very importantly, prevents crystal case contamination, thus  it is a self-cleaning surface. The effect of foaming with ozone-air mixture water saturation, together with the self-cleaning contact surface i.e. water - UV radiation, does not require transparency of the water to be treated, which significantly extends the application  scope of the BT-W.
The design of bactericidal water treatment equipment - BT-W, as well as its location relative to the delivery and suction line of the unit pump enables to use the bactericidal water treatment equipment for flotation processes, which makes it useful for cleaning.