Bioprotection®  Microbiological  Solution

Bioprotection ® Microbiological Solution protection against bacterial destruction of wood, wood-destroying fungi: stain, mildew and rot contain a set of effective, natural probiotic microorganisms to provide antiseptic, bactericidal and fungicidal effect.

Treated wood acquires the ability to increase the resistance of the human body, animals and birds to harmful physical, chemical and biological effects.

The biological product is an aqueous solution, ready to be applied twice minimum with a brush, a roller or spray onto dry wood pre-cleaned from all contamination.

The biological solution pre-diluted with water with   1:5 ratio minimum ensures highly effective protective treatment of timber, lumber, wooden structures and buildings at temperatures above zero and away from rain or snow.

To restore the damaged wood the prepared Bioprotection Solution is applied in abundantly on the surface with intermediate drying to a dry state; the number of applications is determined visually.

Available in 1.0 l and 3.0 l PET bottles
Shelf life:  36 months.
Shake before using.
Store in an airtight container in a cool, dark place!