Sewage Treatment
Bio Flotation Technology – BFT
Biological Sewage Treatment

Bio-flotation  water treatment technology of is performed in the process of cleaning up:
- Treatment  of sewage water pipelines:  as flotation cells;
- Bioreactors water treatment;
- Water treatment of pumping equipment  of sewage pumping stations (SPS) converted into the  ozone-air mixture saturation (ejection) unit;
- Treatment of bio-utilizer injection water for foaming and bio-purification;
- Treatment of  water entering the treatment plant is complemented by a hydrodynamic separator (HDS) for the separation of contaminated water as foam (flotation product (FP)) from the clarified treated water and discharge of solids (sand, sediment) in a sand trap.

Water Treatment Technology

BFT Technological Flow sheet, as shown in the Diagram, includes all process steps, with additional cleaning of concentrated contaminants as flotation product on the biological filter made up of a system comprising   a floating filter with the attached Bioutilizer microflora, settler-grit chambers, sludge collection and discharge of treated water into the pond.

Benefits of  Bio-flotation Water Treatment :
- no activated sludge used,
- no equipment  for its aeration
- no sludge drying beds;
- resulting  purified drinking water,
- no atmospheric pollution.

Ekotehnica LLC.,   Krasnoyarsk carries out modernization and design of wastewater treatment plants based on  BFT technology  on  individual basis taking into account the chemical composition of raw water and water disposal equipment technical specifications .
Биофлотационная технология очистки сточной воды
BFT Technological Flow Sheet