Biofactory is the production of biological products (probiotics)
Biological products for septic tanks, toilets, waste water, sewage
Biological products for processing and recycling of sludge and agricultural waste into fertilizer
Biological products for elimination of odors
Biological products for cleaning and disinfection of wastewater
Biological products for cleaning and disinfection of water in rivers, lakes and ponds.
Biological products for aquariums cleaning and disinfecting.
Biological products for cleaning and disinfection of swimming pool water
Biological product - for medicine purposes

Technology and modular design equipment for intensive reproduction of microorganisms - bioutilizers for biological treatment of septic tanks, sewage, water, sludge, organic waste agricultural production, oil pollution and organic fertilizers production.

Technological  solutions are based  on used strains of effective Series EM microorganisms (probiotics)  cultured by Dr. Teruo Higa (Japan) in 16-72 types association of natural, non-genetically modified, saprophytic, non-toxic, non-pathogenic soil microorganisms, in combination with various enzymes- biological catalysts for bioutilization. The effective microorganism (EM) effect on the organic matter is greatly enhanced due to the enzyme composition and the microorganism’s reproduction processes resulting to give them the exclusive name – Bioutilizer – in the technology proposed.

The new generation of effective microorganisms (EM) are probiotics that are antagonistic to pathogenic microflora causing its rapid extinction, ie provide natural biological decontamination of water and waste. The EM life is provided in the process of organic materials conversion into carbon dioxide (70-80%), water and residual humus (fertilizer). There also occurs oxidation of mineral compounds - hydrogen sulphide and ammonia - into ecologically-safe forms in the presence of air (aerobically) or without the air (anaerobically). This ensures the competitiveness of EM to activated sludge and its replacement in the processes of biological treatment of wastewater in sewage treatment plants (WWTP) with the highest possible water purification with minimum energy consumption and no environmental problems related to the sludge disposal and air pollution.

The stock culture of Bioutilizer in liquid form is the product attached to the technology, the intensification of reproduction being ensured by the constant compliance with process.
The technological scheme of Bioutilizer reproduction includes:
- Medium making together with the enzyme composition
- Growing ecological community of microorganisms
- Selection (concentration) of the working biological product in the form of high-expansion foam
- The destruction of the foam to a liquid state
- Pouring the Bioutilizer working solution into a container.

The process equipment for Biofactory to produce Bioutilizer product includes: water purification equipment and containers, pump unit, the automatic control of the process parameters (temperature, pressure, fluid and air sensors, a PH meter, and a timer). The process equipment is manufactured in modules tailored  to the desired performance, and can be operated in a closed location beyond the reach of  rain and snow  at a temperature of  +5 ° C minimum.

Bioutilizer production is not only an independent business for solutions of specific environmental problems relating to bioutilization in human life, but also is a constituent element in water purification technology for ducted settlements, agricultural and industrial production.

The modular principle of the biofactory equipment enables to organize Bioutilizer production both directly at existing wastewater treatment plants, and newly constructed facilities.
Specialty Biofactory for Bioutilizer Production at Wastewater Treatment Plants, Agriculture and Manufacture