Bio-Farm ®

To be used in horse barns

The microbial solution is based on the association of photosynthesizing and lactic -acid bacteria, yeast, as well as malt extract from vegetable raw materials by lactic acid and alcoholic fermentation. The resulting type of probiotic microorganisms provides regeneration, sanitation, disinfection and deodorization effect, antagonistic to pathogenic microflora, ie disinfecting effect

The ‘Bio-Farm’ Solution   provides:
- biological decomposition  of organic substances to carbon dioxide and water;
- elimination of odors;
- the reduction of harmful gases (hydrogen sulfide, ammonia);
- reduction of the number of insects after treatment to 90% of the original number ;
- elimination or reduction the ventilation cost.


Deodorization and disinfection inside the horse barns: the walls, floors, equipment and dung-yards reduces odors to complete vanishing, the consumption of the biological product diluted with water (1:100) is 2 l per 1m2 surface.

Available in 1.0 l and 3.0 l PET bottles.
Shelf life: 36 months.
Shake before using.
Store in an airtight container in a cool dark place.