«ABSOLUTE» CWT Descaling System 


Removal of hardness

Removal of iron in water

Non-chemical water treatment

Self-refresh filter with water softening

Descaling non-chemical water treatment
"Absolute" Descaling Complex Water Treatment ( "Absolute" CWT) is intended for softening, chemical-free water treatment to remove scale-forming substances : Ca,  Mg, Fe, as well as solids , oils, organic compounds to comply with the regulatory requirements for boiler water .

   The Technology of the Complex Water Treatment  
 "Absolute" CWT Complex Water Treatment System incorporates:
 a multi-functional type sorption filter for filtering solids, removal hardness; self-cleaning of the filter; DC power supply for the polarization of the filter material;
the frequency reversal - polarization adjustment unit.

The design of the sorption filter of the descaling unit is a cylindrical body with coaxial tubular perforated elements. A porous filter is fixed on the outer surfaces; it is sorption-active against the scale-forming substances and capable of electric polarization and mechanical filtration of impurities.

Removal of scale-forming substances in water in the form of fine sludge occurs due to their polarization in the filter material, which is self cleaning during the descaling unit polarity reversal.

The filter of the descaling unit has a good surface area and adsorption activity to contaminants combined with the mechanical strength and chemical resistance, which ensures complete prevention of scale formation and continuous operation life of 10 years without replacement.
Theapplicationofthe "Absolute" DescalingWaterTreatmentSystem
The application of the "Absolute" CWT complex water treatment at thermal power stations and boiler units reduces operating costs by over 60 times compared to chemical water treatment and 10 times compared to the electrochemical treatment of water; it eliminates the flushing water contamination; a high automation level does not require maintenance personnel.

The compactness of the CWT complex water treatment, low weight and small dimensions allow the installation of equipment on the water supply pipe.

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