BiologicallyActive Water-AVE®Light Water

BiologicallyActive Water-AVELight Water forhealth, longevity andskin beauty -is enriched withlight isotopesof hydrogen and oxygen;it hasa reduced contentof heavy water molecules: deuterium andoxygen-18 andis based  onthe natural waterof the Yenisei River.

It possesses the following properties:

-Normalization of metabolism, detoxification, elimination of toxins andradionuclidesfrom the body;
-Cancer, diabetes, kidney and liver diseases preventive care;
-Recovery of the bodyunder stressandfatigue;
- Normalization ofblood pressure, lipid and carbohydrate metabolism;
- Retardation of agingandincrease oflongevity;
-Toning up the body;
-Powerfulcosmetic effect.

To use: It is recommended to take30-50mlbefore meals.