The ABSOLUTE ®Biological Product

The ABSOLUTEBiological Product: a  washer and a wiper for  dirty  surfaces of the car.

ABSOLUTE is an aqueous solution of probiotic microorganisms  having   very good cleansing properties for cleaning  dust, dirt, removing insect traces, oil and fat  effectively and streak-free .

Applied as a washer and a wiper the ABSOLUTE Biological Product is added to the windshield wiper reservoir.

For manual cleaning of the windshield and other car surfaces use a soft cloth, a spray and other methods for applyingthe biological product on the surface.
Recommended for use at temperatures above zero.

The biological product is completely safe for paint, plastic and rubber parts, as well as fabric and leather surfaces; it eliminates unpleasant odors in the car. The fresh effect of the ABSOLUTE is able to increase the immunity of the human body to harmful influences.

Available in 1.0 l and 3.0 l PET bottles.
Shelf life: 36 months.
Shake before using.
Store in an airtight container in a cool, dark place!